How to Download

This page will show how to download all videos . Its just 4 steps game 😛


  1. 1.Close all other tabs in the browser

  2. Step2:

  3. 2.Now click following link : 

  4. It will take you , Now click select most comfortable plan as shown below !

  5. Screenshot_5
  6. Now on next page you need to choose atleast 3 months plan ( or above ) and complete transaction .

  7. Screenshot_6
  8. After completing transaction , once you are a premium member , Note down your userid as shown below .

  9. lightshot2
  10. Step3:

3.Now Make a account at this link

Put username and email ( use a valid one ) , The password will be sent to your mail .


4.Once you have made an account , Fill the form below and submit it and you will be premium in just 3 hours .


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Once you are upgraded , All download links will be visible to you 🙂